Swedish Wood's learning portal

Wood is one of our most important building and finishing materials, with consistently high levels of use. People are increasingly appreciating the aesthetic, technical, environmental and financial benefits of wood. Traditional training meets the digital world in our learning portal. The platform is just one way that we are spreading the word about wood.

Swedish Wood’s learning portal offers the following training courses:

Choosing wood

Swedish Wood offer an online course split into 11 modules plus a final test. The course takes around 2 hours to complete.

The online training course is aimed at the following target groups:

  • New employees
  • Weekend workers
  • Summer workers
  • Customers
  • Preparatory training for Certified Wood Expert course.

The online training is based on Swedish Wood’s publications Choosing wood, Handling wood correctly, the Lathunden guide, Handling glulam correctly, Use and maintenance of glulam and the Glulam PocketGuide. If you read Swedish, these publications are worth having access to during the course.

Swedish Wood wish to improve the knowledge of their members and their employees when it comes to wood as a material, leading to more reliable sales and giving an edge against the competition. We also want our members to be able to share their wood expertise, so that customers can be confident about buying their wood products and getting the information they need.

Woodworking machines – use and safety

Swedish Wood has produced eight videos, where we explain in detail how the machines are put together and what functions they have, along with the safety considerations to bear in mind when operating the machine. The idea of the videos is for course participants to gain a relatively rapid understanding of which machine to use for what, and how to operate it. It is also important that the employer knows what rules apply.

The videos are aimed primarily at the following target groups:

  • Small and medium-sized joinery workshops
  • Larger companies that work in the production of furniture and fittings
  • Higher education courses that involved the use of woodworking machines.

The course is a complement to Prevent’s Machine Operator’s Licence.

The online training course is based on Swedish Wood’s Joinery Handbook.

Learning where and when you want

With Swedish Wood’s digital learning portal, you can easily complete the training wherever and whenever you want. All you need is your computer, mobile phone or tablet, whether at work, on the train or in the comfort of your own home.

Take it at your own pace – you can pause, take notes and repeat the course as much as you like. Once you have completed the course and passed the test at the end, you can print out a certificate.

We will be adding more courses on an ongoing basis.

Since you have to log into our courses, you can read all about how we process your personal data here in Swedish Wood’s privacy policy.

Swedish Wood wishes you the best of luck with your training.

If you’d like to contact us or ask us any questions, please email info@swedishwood.com.